PM Event (Web)


PM Event (Web)

  • Category: Software, Event, Ticket
  • Client: PM Solutions
  • Duration: November 2023 - March 2023
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

PM Event - Event Management System

Optimize the event planning process, from initial idea to post-event evaluation.

  • PM Event is an online event management platform. 
  • It features a user-friendly and flexible interface. 
  • We are committed to providing a simple yet effective user experience. 


Delivering values: 

Optimized Management

Create and manage events easily, saving time and management costs, and maximizing profits.

Enhanced User Experience

User-friendly interface, flexible interaction, and simple ticketing process provide participants with the most satisfying experience.

Professional and Modern

Online tickets and event notifications will be automatically emailed, ensuring timely and accurate information.



What are the advantages of PM Event?


PM Event provides professional event management tools to accompany event organizers.


With modern technology, PM Event ensures security through QR codes to prevent ticket fraud. The check-in process is simple and fast, requiring only a mobile device.


It is the only platform that offers a dedicated landing page for event promotion alongside event management software.


The advanced technology of PM Event also supports the organization of sports events for children, increasing trust between parents and event organizers.


Outstanding Key Features

Manage Event

Manage candidate numbers and tournament brackets.

Scan tickets using QR codes for check-in management.

  • Create, manage, and update event information with simple actions.
  • Customize registration forms to meet specific requirements.
  • Manage tickets and attendee lists.
  • Track revenue and ticket sales statistics
  • Create candidate numbers based on custom conditions.
  • Create tournament brackets based on custom conditions.
  • Manage candidate lists within each tournament bracket.
  • Send timely email notifications
  • Check-in attendees and update information in real-time.

The PM Event Team assisting with attendee check-in at the DIAMONY CUP 2024 event.

PM Event platform provides robust features for creating and managing tournament brackets based on custom conditions.




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