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nhatre.online Preschool ERP System (PWA, ERP)

  • Category: Software
  • Client: Hai Yen Preschool
  • Duration: November 2022 - January 2023
  • Location: Vietnam

Digital transformation solutions in Preschool management

A system to connect parents and schools on the web and mobile. Help the board to manage teachers, students, and parents, Tuition fee receipts, and payslips. The parent can see and manage child activity, health, reminders for teachers, messaging... 



Key features for teachers 


Student and teacher information managementCreating and mange daily menus
Document and lesson plan managementTeacher management and evaluation
Schedule management Tuition fee receipts management 
Teacher and student attendance management Employee payslips management


Key features for parents 

Set reminders
Parents can set reminders for specific tasks and deadlines. These reminders will be sent to the respective class teacher.

Request Time-off
Monitor attendance information and activities that the child participates in, and request time off for the child

Assessment Sheet

Evaluate teachers by providing feedback, ratings, and writing comments.

Track reports 

Monitor information, images of activities that the student participates in, health data, & daily menus,…


Delivering values: 

Flexible customization
With flexible customization, it is easy to meet various management requirements. It helps save resources and deployment costs


There is no limit to the number of business processes, allowing efficient management of information for multiple students, teachers, and parents.


Software Delivery
The process of product handover and training for the new management procedures is optimized to ensure efficient utilization of time and resources.


Effective management
Assessing the effectiveness of operations supports the development and innovation of teaching and school management work.



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