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HRM System (PWA, ERP)

  • Category: Software
  • Client: OA
  • Duration: October 2023
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Our Modern Human Resources Management project is designed to support businesses in organizing, managing, and optimizing HR operations



Human resource management is an important part of any organization, and managing human resource issues is also a major challenge. Common difficulties include:

  • Managing a large amount of information (employee records, contracts, payroll slips, forms, etc.)
  • Lack of tools to support employee performance and capability monitoring and evaluation
  • Approval processes and handling administrative forms require significant time and effort.


Main Features for Manager

Visual report presenting statistical data related to Leave Requests, KPIs, and Form Templates
Manage, create, and send payroll vouchers to employees, track confirmation status

Manage employee profiles including personal information, account details, contracts, etc.
KPI Management
Update, manage, and allocate KPIs to employees, teams, and departments.

Time-Off Management
Manage allocation and approval of employee leaves

Administrative Form Templates
Easily receive and approve forms from employees in a convenient

Main Features for Employee


Time-Off Request
Submit time-off requests and track approval status.

Confirm Payslips
Confirm monthly payslips to ensure accuracy.

KPI Assessment
Monitor progress in achieving KPIs for appropriate implementation planning

Submit Administrative Form
Send administrative form and track approval status


Delivering Values

OA HRM System is a reliable solution to enhance human resource management in any industry. OA helps organizations address the following administrative challenges:

Efficiently managing human resources is crucial for optimizing productivity, saving time, and minimizing errors within an organization.

Visual reports on employee and business performance can provide valuable insights and aid decision-making processes

Streamline management processes and effectively handle issues, enhancing organizational responsiveness and performance.


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